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Online Classes

For the time being I intend to conduct classes online via YouTube. I hope to record them on Fridays and broadcast them the following Tuesday at the usual time of 10am. However you can watch (and rewatch) them any time after that during the week at your leisure.

To take part you will need a tv/laptop on which you can watch youtube and is visible from somewhere with some space that you can practice in. I will try to take into account that people have limited space in the videos

I would ask people, where they can if they could pay the usual class fee of 7 each week if/when they can, but I am not going to enforce this. I know money is tight for some people at the moment.

Classes are taught like a normal class and kind of at the pace that I teach people who are already coming. However, if you are just starting out then I expect you can follow along. As mentioned, they will be pre-recorded and will be showing on YouTube.

If you would like to take part please contact me at: masterben@chearsleyqigong.co.uk