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Welcome to Chearsley Qi Gong

Qi Gong (or Chi Kung) is a holistic system of slow movements, postures and breathing originating from China. It is a precursor to Tai Chi, and is sometimes marketed as Tai Chi Qi Gong or Chinese yoga. 'Qi Gong' translates literally as 'Life Energy Cultivation'

LAMAS Daoyin Style Qi Gong is over 3000 years old and takes its movements primarily from 5 animals: Lion, Bird, Monkey, Fish and Snake. 

By doing these animal inspired movements you will:
Release physical and emotional tension
Reclaim physical and emotional stability
Improve flexibility and mobility
Gain mental clarity and reduce the effects of stress
Increase your 'internal' strength


Chearsley Village hall. 
Address: Winchendon Rd, Chearsley, Aylesbury HP18 0DP

Map: Google Map


Tuesdays:  10m - 11am


7 per lesson

Suitable for Adults of any age


Email: masterben@chearsleyqigong.co.uk